Who are we?

Bloom is a program initiated by its parent organization Mindful Minutes. To learn more about Mindful Minutes and its services, click here.

After working in the self-development space of 2-years, a team of young entrepreneurs wanted to expand their services to a younger audience. After spending months developing a curriculum for this program and brainstorming various creative methods to deliver a program that students will love, we launched Bloom. Our passion to help individuals from all walks of life take a step forward in their self-development journey motivated us to create an incredible youth program.

Our team is built of motivated leaders who strive to provide exemplary service to all of our parents & students. We are driven to make a difference in the lives of all the students who enroll in the Bloom program. We pride ourselves in knowing that our current students love our program and we promise to continue innovating to keep delivering on our word.

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Our Journey

Check out all that we have done and this is just the beginning.

June 2020

Mindful Minutes Launched

We launched MM with a vision to help individuals from all walks of life take a step forward in their self-development journey!

July 2020

Daily Meditation Sessions

Our initiative that began with 5 attendees has grown to see 200+ faces and 600+ sessions to date!

August 2020

MONK MODE Launched

We launched a self-development group that holds each other accountable to achieve their short & long term goals!

December 2020

Hosting Workshops & Conferences

To continue spreading our vision, we began hosting workshops and conferences across multiple university campuses!

August 2021

Accepted Into Accelerators

After a year of growth, we got accepted into multiple accelerators like The DMZ, LOI and Brilliant Catalyst, while also collaborating with organizations like Jack.org!

January 2022

Bloom Launched

We launched Bloom to expand our vision to serve a younger audience aged 6-16 with an incredible self-development program!

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