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We empower young students to become well-rounded by proactively preparing them for non-academic challenges at school, their homes & years into the future!

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Soft Skill Development Program for Youth

Bloom ensures that along with their academic education, students aged 6-16 have also learned & practised the equally important soft skills for their self-development.

Soft skill development is a
must-learn for the youth.

Employers, psychologists, educators and many others have outlined the importance of learning soft skills at an early age for success years into their future.


Soft Skills Are
Crucial When Hiring!

92% of recruiters reported that soft skills are equally or more important to hire for than hard skills. And, 89% said that when a new hire doesn’t work out, it’s because they lack critical soft skills.


Soft Skills Predict Lifelong Success!

Formal education forgets to explicitly teach soft skills. Studies show that these skills predict later success in life, stable relationships, and career success, which require good social and communication skills.


Soft Skills Increase Value of Students!

Value of a college degree can be increased by spending more time teaching critical soft skills. As disruptive technology grows, the ability to perform non-machines tasks are becoming more valuable.


Top 10 In-Demand Soft Skills!

The most in-demand soft skills are communication, organization, teamwork, puntuctuality, critical thinking, social skills, creativity, leadership, adaptability & friendly personality.

That's where Bloom comes in!

We have developed an incredible soft skill
development program for youth aged 6-16.


The Important Skills

The perfect combination of soft skills broken into 3-categories: personal, transferable & knowledge-based skills!


The Ultimate Learning Experience

An interactive, exciting & engaging delivery of our material every class that leaves our students wanting more everytime!


Benefits You Cannot Ignore

The classes are just the beginning, students love our Bloom Box, certificates, youth volunteer opportunities, special events & more!

Don't take our word for it!

Here is what some of our Bloom parents have to say after enrolling their children in our program.


Parent of 8 year old

I am thankful for on-boarding my son into Bloom. I thought it was too early for an 8 year old but we developed a positive attitude after seeing him actively involved and excited during each class. I 100% recommend this program where they educate with full positive energy!

Mississauga, Canada


Parent of 12 & 15 year old

The Bloom experience so far has been great! The team has been responsive while communicating with us and our children are also learning important information in an enjoyable manner that is useful for them.

Etobicoke, Canada


Parent of 8 & 12 year old

The Bloom sessions are amazing for kids in grade one to eight. It teaches them great values like goal setting and healthy habits in a fun way.

Mississauga, Canada


Parent of 12 year old

My daughter is a Bloom student and I am quite pleased with how her communication skills and group interaction have grown. Thank you to all of the Bloom instructors for including students in such fun activities and keeping them busy at this difficult time.

Brampton, Canada


Click to view the answers to some of the most common questions.

How long is the program?

Only 1.5 years! Our program has 3 modules and each module is 6-months long (personal, transferable & knowledge-based skills). After each module, students will receive the module-certificate and after completing the program and learning over 35+ skills, they will also receive a certifcate as a Bloom graduate (total 4 certificates).

Why is this important for my child?

As mentioned above on this page, soft skill development is a crucial component of anyone's life. Ranging from parents, recruiters, psychologists and even students themselves, these skills are deemed important for success. The various skills that we teach regarding soft skill development help students excel at home, school, their communities & years into the future. Setting a foundation of these skills at a young age helps students develop in a more well-rounded fashion as they get older.

What do the students learn in class and how is it delivered?

Bloom students learn over 35+ soft skills over the course of the program. There are lots of exposure to academics & hobbies when growing up, however, there is lack of focus on youth soft skill development. Not only do we teach this important aspect of life, but our style teaching is just as unique. Students engage in an interactive learning session once a week along with multiple out of class opportunities to interact with their peers & mentors. We have developed a program where students actually look forward to attending each class, which unfortunately is not a very common sentiment for after school activities!

Is this program completely online?

Bloom's weekly classes are completely online and can be attended by anyone from the comfort of their homes! We understand that this allows more students to experience our program & makes it easier for busier parents by eliminating the unnecessary commute. Nevertheless, various components of our program, ranging from the interactive class to the Bloom boxes are intentional elements that help mimic the in-person. experience. Additionally, there will be plenty in-person events hosted by Bloom that will allow students to meet one another and engage offline activities!

Is this program available outside of Canada?

This program is available to any student in North America who has access to Zoom and a stable internet connection. Our mission is to help educate the youth and develop their soft skills and we are willing to accommodate to make this dream a reality.

What other benefits do the students receive outside of their weekly classes?

While we use the classes to deliver our curriculum, we have many outside of class activities for the students to leverage. Students have exclusive access to our special events, workshops, volunteer opportunities, social nights, discord conversations, in-person events & any help from their teachers/mentors who are 100% committed to their success outside of the program as well!

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

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